GENESIS Corporate Services

When any organization needs recruitment support, may it be for a selected element of recruitment function or requires a complete enterprise RPO solution.a strategic recruitment capabilities is what we offer to our clients which is needed to achieve business impact, applying a best practice engagement methodology that spans key areas of activity.

Getting Client Requirement

Getting detailed client specifications for new hire requisitions,and formulating talent identification strategies to match specific needs of the clients.

Sourcing Resumes

Sourcing candidate resumes matching required skillsets from our profile database or partner database.

Contacting Candidates

Rigorous screening and evaluation to assess candidate's suitability for your buisness.

Salary Negotiations

Salary presentations to the candidates, and conducting salary negotiations for win-win outcomes.

Shortlisting Profiles

Shortlisting potential candidates for open positions that meet required criteria./p>

Submitting Profiles

Presenting list of shortlisted candidates for vacant positions.

Interviewing Candidates

Conducting interview process inhouse; either by Genesis HRS or by the client preferences,once the client approves of the submitted profiles.

Finalizing Candidates / Closing

Finalizing the candidates for the open positions , activity measurement, and success tracking.

Getting Candidates on Board

Onboarding new hires or off-boarding as required. Ongoing relationship management with the client and new hires to consolidates successful recruitment for your business.